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Parent Involvement Plan



Rural Vale School

395 Daughterty Spring Road

Tellico Plains, TN 37385


Parent Involvement Advisory Council Members:

Dennis Hicks- Principal

Jane McNabb- Assistant Principal

Robbie Belcher- SRO

Rachel Converse - Special Education Teacher

Natalie Hackney- Guidance Counselor

Bobbie Akins- Librarian/Media Specialist

Hope West- Teacher

Cassie Sanders- Teacher

Traci Freeman- RTI Coordinator

Gail Brannon- Title I Assistant

Wendy Cook - Parent

Heather Byers- Parent

Rebecca Kazy- Parent

Heather Williams - Parent



Parent Involvement Plan

The Parent Involvement Plan for Rural Vale School has been developed in cooperation with the principal, faculty and staff, Parent Involvement Advisory Council, and parents. The Parent Involvement Plan is available for viewing on the website and in the office.  The Parent Involvement Plan is updated in the fall of each year.


Shared Responsibility for Student Performance

Rural Vale School believes that education should be a shared responsibility of students, teachers, parents, and the community.  Student success is greatly increased when we work together.  We encourage parents to communicate with their child’s teacher on a regular basis.  Parents are also encouraged to contact the school with any questions regarding their child’s education.  Rural Vale School encourages the involvement of parents and the community in the Parent Teacher Organization, Principal’s Advisory Council, Parent Volunteers, and School Improvement Committee for SACS.



Rural Vale School provides parents a description and explanation of the curriculum the school uses, forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet.  Nine weeks objectives are sent home each nine weeks.  They explain what will be covered in each class.  We also have several forms of academic assessment such as: TN Ready Assessments for grades 2-8, STAR Renaissance Learning, KEI Portfolio for Kinder, and grades 1-8 Power Schools. 



Rural Vale School will communicate with parents and the community about student progress and school programs, under NCLB section 1118.

Methods for communication:

  • Newsletters- a school-wide newsletter will be sent home every month that includes information on school activities and events as well as classroom information. The newsletter is sent home to each parent, available via email, and is on the school’s website.
  • Staff are educated with the assistance of parents in the value and contributions of parents, in working with parents, how to reach out to and communicate and work parents as equal partners, implement and coordinate parent programs, and build ties between parents and the school.
  • The teachers strive to offer a flexible number of meetings in the mornings and evenings.
  • Teachers use several methods to ensure two-way communication between home and school. Teachers use weekly folders, homework folders, progress reports, mid-term reports, and behavioral folders to communicate with parents.  Many teachers also use online communication methods, such as SeeSaw to communicate daily to parents.  Teachers use a county-wide online-based grading system called Edupoint, which allows parents to view grades via the Internet on a daily basis.  Grade cards are sent home each nine weeks to parents.
  • Open House- Parents will be informed of special programs, such as Title I, offered at school. Information is given as to how special programs in the school support academic achievement.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences- Parents will have opportunities to formally meet with their children’s teachers at least twice per year in student-led conferences. Parents can also request meetings by contacting the school and/or teachers.
  • School Website- School information, upcoming school events, lunch menu, student accomplishments, PTO information, etc., can be easily accessed by logging on to the school website.
  • IEP Meetings- These meetings will include parents to set up their child’s Individual Education Plan.
  • Local Newspaper- Announcements, accomplishments, and important school information will be submitted to the county newspaper.
  • STAR Enterprise testing is completed three times a year as benchmarks for the school’s Response-to-Intervention program, and each child’s results are available upon request.
  • An explanation of TN Ready results are sent home to parents.
  • Parents can request meetings with staff through school office, phone call, e-mail, or by note. Parents can also submit comments to the office on TSIPP and Parent Involvement Plan.
  • Social Media – RVS has a Twitter account and a Facebook page to keep parents updated about school events.
  • Remind 101 – RVS has a text messaging system that parents can sign up for school information updates.
  • Our school sign is updated monthly with school information.


Resources for parents are available through the School Resource Center.  Our school media center has available to parents, upon request, a variety of information to help them in all aspects of their child’s educational needs.  Information on the Monroe County Family Resource Center is available through the school office.  Assistance with various aspects of family needs are available to all parents and community members through the school office.

  • Kindergarten Camp- All prospective kindergarten students for the upcoming year are invited to this program. This is a special program that gives students the opportunity to get to know their kindergarten teacher and other students before school begins.  The program is held for one week from 9:00-11:00 in the summer.
  • Kindergarten Readiness Packet- These are provided to parents at Kindergarten Pre-Registration to help parents know what is expected of their beginning kindergarten student.
  • Health Screening- During Kindergarten registration, a variety of screenings are offered to all enrolling kindergarten students. Among those are hearing, vision, dental, and speech screenings.  These are organized and facilitated by the school and community as a resource for parents to utilize.
  • Parents with disabilities or limited English proficiency can request services for PTO meetings, parent meetings, Open House, etc. All school events are accessible for disabled parents.
  • Childcare is also available per parent request for Open House, PTO meetings, and other special events.
  • Rural Vale School coordinates with other programs, such as HeadStart and local preschools for visits.

Student Learning

It is the goal of Rural Vale School to involve families and the community in learning activities and awards for students.

  • Parents are informed of the State’s Standards and a checklist of goals for each nine weeks.
  • Perfect Attendance are presented at the end of the school year at the Awards Ceremony.
  • Family Engagement is a program that allows parents to be involved with their child. Family Engagement opportunities offer a time for the parents to be involved in their child’s educational life and enjoy free food.  We also give away door prizes!
  • The Accelerated Reader Program is a computerized testing program for students. They choose books on their reading level, read it and then take a comprehension test to earn points.  Students receive Wal-Mart gift cards at the end of the year based on how many points they’ve earned.
  • At the end of each nine weeks, teachers submit honor roll students which are listed in the local newspapers.
  • Student of the Month encourages students to work hard in all areas of school performance, including work ethic, behavior and academics.
  • Students in grades 4-8 participate in a 4-H Program. They have the opportunity to participate in speaking and poster contests in the community.
  • The Beta Club consists of 4th -8th grade members who must maintain a B average and display high leadership qualities. It is based on academics and leadership; however, it serves the school and community in different service projects.  It belongs to the National Beta Club, and members participate in different competitions at the state convention.
  • Rural Vale School has a Boys & Girls Club that benefits the students, parents, and the community. This program allows students to stay at school in the afternoon and participate in activities and after-school tutoring.
  • Field Day is held at the end of each year. This involves each grade level, with games that encourage physical fitness, good sportsmanship, competition, and teamwork.  Ribbons are awarded to students for their accomplishments.
  • Performance Counts is a reward program reaches the “whole” student for a well-rounded educational program. Criterion must be met each nine weeks regarding grades, attendance, behavior, and STAR growth. A rally is held each nine weeks for those that get 5 out of the 7 punches on a ticket needed. 
  • 1st through 8th grade after-school tutoring is held twice a week for ELA and Math.


Rural Vale School welcomes and encourages parent and community volunteers to support or students, staff and school

  • Parent volunteers assist K-8 classes on a regular basis.
  • Parents are asked to volunteer to assist in such programs as Field Day, Career Day, chaperone field trips, and school programs that help with funding and rewards.
  • Parent volunteers also assist and work ballgames throughout basketball season.
  • Volunteers will be recognized for their contributions at a Volunteer Appreciation Day at the end of the school year.

Community Involvement

Rural Vale School recognized that our school and our students are more successful when we have the support of our parents and our community.  The following resources have participated and will continue to be asked for their support in our efforts to make our school the best that it can be.  We also feel that it is important for our students to join with agencies in our community to help others in need.

  • The Family Resource Center supplies backpacks to kindergarten students who come to registration.
  • Area businesses and organizations help many of our economically disadvantaged students by supplying them with clothes and gifts at Christmas. Some of the participating businesses or organizations include: Angel Tree, TRW, and The Bowater Corporation and local churches.
  • Rural Vale has many parents who support the school by providing extra supplies for students in need.
  • Area businesses support our school by donating supplies as well as technology equipment. Some of the businesses include: Mason’s Furniture, Wal-Mart, Save-a-Lot, and Bargain Barn.
  • Community organizations help our students with needs such as shoes, glasses, and medical care. Some participating organizations are the Lion’s Club, Shriner’s, and Kiwanis Club.
  • Family Resource Center and the School Nutrition Department provide programs for students called “Back Pack” which sends food home for the weekend.
  • Biereley-Hale Funeral Home presents all staff members with a yearly calendar.
  • As a part of giving back to our community, our school helps raise money, food, etc. for such organizations as the Good Shepherd Center, the Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, the American Cancer Society, Pennies for Patients, and the Monroe County Animal Shelter.
  • In conjunction with the community, our school helps raise money for special projects, such as our local Disabled American Veterans and Pancreatic Cancer Research.
  • Loaves and Fishes supplies food backpacks for children in need.
  • PTO funds a $500 scholarship for RV seniors at TPHS.


Title I Services for Students in Monroe County

Students are eligible for Title I services based on the number of free and reduced lunch participant.  Currently, we have nine schools being served by the Title I funding.  There are two types of programs: targeted assistance and school wide.  Targeted assistance schools mean that only those students who have been identified as eligible for Title I services can be worked with by our Assistants at the school.  All nine schools (Coker Creek, Madisonville Primary, Madisonville Intermediate, Rural Vale, Tellico Plains Elementary, Tellico Plains Junior High, Tellico Plains High School, Sweetwater High School, and Vonore Elementary) are being served as a school wide facility.  In these schools, no student or staff member is identified as “Title I”.  Being school wide gives the schools more flexibility in the way Title I funds and personnel are used.

At this time, Title I employs Reading Specialist teachers and Educational Assistants.

Currently, Title I funds Reading and Math Intervention Programs at Rural Vale School.  Our Educational Assistants work with students who have been identified as needing help with reading and/or math skills.  We are assessing each students’ progress with benchmarks and designing individual instruction for each child.

Any questions concerning the Title I program should be directed to your principal or any of the Title I personnel in the Monroe County Education Central Office at (423) 442-7104.



Rural Vale School Principal- Dennis Hicks (423) 253-3551

Rural Vale School Title I Coordinator – Hope West (423) 253-3551

Rural Vale School RTI Coordinator – Traci Freeman (423) 253-3551

Federal Programs (Title I) Director- Lee Anne Strickland (423) 442-7104

Federal Programs Secretary- Colleen Sloan (423) 442-3972

Directory of Schools- Tim Blankenship (423) 442-2373


Last Reviewed by the Parent Advisory Board on January 31, 2018