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          My name is Caleb Smith, and this Fall I will be teaching mathematics for Rural Vale Elementary School. First of all, I’m thrilled to be joining your wonderful community, and I can’t wait to begin working with the excellent teachers, administrators, and students at Rural Vale.
          Though I’ve been teaching in Northern Virginia for the past year, I’m originally from the Maryville area, and I’m awfully glad to be returning home to East Tennessee. As for my education background, I attended Maryville City for all twelve years of public school and graduated from Maryville College with a B. A. in philosophy.
          After Maryville College, I developed a real passion for travel and adventure, and enrolled at Tennessee Truck Driving School. For the next year, I worked as a long-haul truck driver for Covenant Transportation, driving across 43 states along the way. Afterwards, I returned to education and attended Central European University in Budapest, Hungary where I earned my M. A. in philosophy of mathematics.
          After returning to the United States, I enrolled once more at Maryville College, where I attained teacher licensure and certifications for dual-credit speech and communication, language arts, and mathematics. I love a wide range of subjects, but mathematics is by far my favorite, and coming from a philosophy background, I bring a unique approach to understanding and engaging with the discipline.
          On a more personal level, I have three older brothers, one younger sister, and fourteen nieces and nephews. My wonderful wife, Sarah, is a British citizen and native of Ballymena, Northern Ireland, and we celebrated our first anniversary this past June. Consequently, I know way more about the US Immigration System than I ever wanted to.
          My interests include hiking, fishing, hunting, chess, reading, writing, and studying foreign languages. My favorite sport is sumo wrestling (I’m not kidding), and my favorite restaurant is Chikfila (no surprise there).
          Overall, I value gaining new experiences, learning new skills, and helping young people develop confidence, character, and drive. Once again, I’m thrilled to be joining the Rural Vale community, and I can’t wait to meet you this Fall.