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For quick and educational activities to supplement children’s learning, we offer over 1,000 free learning- at- home resources (writing prompts, printable worksheets, craft ideas, etc.) on our website. Our social media channels are another good source for at-home educational activities, and we also have Learn & Play at Home Kits
Press Release:
All Tennessee families can sign up NOW for a free subscription to ReadyRosie through September 1.
Through a partnership with the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation, families can access ReadyRosie’s Modeled Moments library. Hundreds of short videos available in both English and Spanish, provide families with simple, fun and engaging instructional activities that they can then replicate with their own children and are rooted in learning goals for children on topics such as literacy, early math, health and well-being. These videos help build upon the important work you all do in the classroom.
Parents can easily sign up to receive emails or text messages with curated videos: https://readyrosie.com/tn/
1. Scribd: Free for 30 days. Has books, magazines, and audiobooks. App available for Iphone and iPad.
2. SimplyE is a Library E-Reader that allows you to borrow eBooks from a local library. If you don’t have a library card, the app has a collection of the classics as part of SimplyE’s collection.
3. See the 2020 Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uFBoYMjS9vrWSDwq6djRKKIwIReN5vnG/view
4. See Lipscomb University’s guides for effective online teaching and learning:
5. The company Neptune Navigate has free online modules for digital citizenship.
6. Beginning this Thursday, Apr. 2 Dolly Parton will read aloud from a selection of her Imagination Library books. Google, “Goodnight Dolly,” for a link to Facebook to join Dolly’s book reading.


Hopefully, everyone is in high spirits this week! I just added several more "Remote Ready" PBL Scenarios for you to send out. Again, these links can simply be forwarded to your students, or you can copy the entire scenarios right into the platform that is most convenient for you (Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, and so on). Here's the link with all of the scenarios: http://pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=Remote-Ready-PBLs
Among the new remote-ready PBLs are a few for early elementary ("Classroom Mascot", "Butterfly Garden", and "More Recess"), and also five more that I feel are a good fit for our current situation. They are:
--Dream Vacation (students decide on a vacation destination that surely beats being isolated at home): http://www.pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=Remote-Learning_Vacation
--Theme Park (on the topic of vacation, students choose a new theme for an amusement park they think would be a hit): http://www.pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=Remote-Learning_Theme-Park
--Comic Book Hero (because great heroes provide inspiration in times like these, and in this scenario students create their own): http://www.pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=Remote-Learning_Comic-Book-Superstar
--Motivational Poster (speaking of inspiration...): http://www.pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=Remote-Learning_Motivational-Poster
--Planning for the Flu (students should be experts on this by now... they decide on common sense initiatives a school should always have in place during flu season): http://www.pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=Remote-Learning_Flu